Thursday, 17 September 2015

New Bike

Craig has been asking me if I'd like to cycle with him for about 3 years now. I have very unstable ankles which culminated in my physio advising me to completely stop running as I'm just damaging myself. Since then, Craig has been dropping hints about how cycling helped his knees and improved the alignment of his legs (which is something I also need to work on, cos my knee caps point inwards when my legs are facing straight ahead)!

So this came home with us on Monday, on my drive home via Halfords and a nice meal with Craig. And with his help, I turned that mismash of cardboard and metal into...


The bike is the men's version as I'm too tall for the ladies sizes (5ft7). The ladies came in a nice light grey with the yellow, so I thought I'd just have to make my version pretty too. I bought these 'Spokins' from TopShop as a laugh for Craig's birthday 3 years and he point blank refused to use them. So they are mine, and are finally now in use! 

I'm planning on using the bike purely on a turbo trainer for a while, which is why there isn't any decor on the back wheel. On a trainer, only the back moves and Craig was concerned the spokins might move and be too noisy on the back wheel... I'm gonna move them there gradually when he isn't looking and prove him wrong!