Monday, 20 May 2013

Zipper issues

In a bizarre way, I've lost the zip I originally bought for my skirt. I ripped my shoddy seams from my first attempt at sewing it in & placed it with my skirt. Then we had the mouse episode - which sadly killed off sourdough cultures Ted & Sophie as there was faeces around the slightly ajar jars & I wasn't willing to risk it.

Then somepoint between moving everything to try & catch the mouse, then tidiying everything afterwards, I lost the zip. I bought another from Shaw's on Friday but its sticking a bit once fully zipped up. Its the only one I have in that colour but I have another in a larger size I may use if soaping the zip doesn't work.

I pinned in a 6inch zipper replacement on Friday evening. I've tried to place it as a concealed zip but since seeing a tutorial on lapped zippers not too long ago (link when I'm on my lappy & not in bed on my phone!) I think I might try a lapped zip instead.

Bring on my birthday!! I asked Craig for a sewing book which will be very much appreciated!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Heeling Synesthesia

Awful picture, but just a quick snap of a freshly turned heel. Yellow colour is from the strip light in my placement accommodation. See previous post for the true colours!

I'm really enjoying knitting this :-)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ladies Night


Just a quick post. My friends & I are doing a moonlit walk around Cardiff on Saturday to raise money for Tenovus. I was walking past a charity shop months ago & decided it would be a cool thing to do. If anyone is willing to spare some change, I'd be incredibly grateful as would those who directly benefit from the good work the charity does in cancer research.

Even £1 would be a big help.

Thank you,


Monday, 6 May 2013

Synesthesia Socks

Synesthesia - an interesting neurological condition where the senses become a little mixed up. For example, someone might hear music and see colours. I noticed a free pattern called Synesthesia on Ravelry in 2010 and saved it. It's been languishing in my favourites list ever since.

However since rediscovering a skein of Sugar Hippo from a month or so back, the beautiful colours & sheen were playing on my mind so I wanted to use it as my next project after I finished my exams. I happily (& successfully!) completed my CT practical assessment on Friday, so I spent the weekend relaxing and am feeling much happier about starting a new project now. I know from years of experience, I start projects as distractions and procrastination devices.

I proudly present synesthesia:

The sheen is just gorgeous. It's a 75% merino & 25% silk blend so I'll have to be careful when washing it. I don't want this to ever felt. 

I'm really enjoying knitting with it so far and the pattern is easy to memorise. It'll become 'mindless' after a few more rounds I think. Perfect for lunchtime knitting! I love the colours of the yarn as well, especially as each round of knitting is producing differently coloured stitches - makes counting rows a breeze!