Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Sleeve!

Sorry for the bad picture!
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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Have a look at these beauties!

Evening :)

How cool are these?!

I randomly found this link and saved it so that I could post it on here, they are fab!

Last night's knitting class was fun. Three people couldn't make it so we pulled the tables together and sat ourselves around one giant one, instead of around 4 separate ones. It made a big difference, and it was much nicer and easier to talk to everyone.

I showed Fabba my trick of picking up dropped stitches, or whenever I need a helping hand by using a knitting marker pin that one of the class leaders hadn't seen before. In turn, they checked my pattern and made sure it was okay, helped me work out my right and wrong sides for my knitting and I got stuck in with my sleeve!

Tonight was Photography night (PhotoSoc). It's the first one I've been to this academic year, as I've just been busy in work, ill or just didn't feel up to it! Bad habits :( Tonight was a practical studio session which was unlike the one last year in that last years was specifically so that the DramaSoc could get shots done for an upcoming play programme. Tonight's was more on different types of lighting, different ways of setting the shoot up to achieve different effects etc. And I got to have a go! Last year I only had my digital compact, which while fully manual is not ideal! I couldn't attach the flash sync, so had to try and time my shots to catch the flash set off by those doing the photography with SLRs using the flash sync. Kinda difficult! Plus at the end of it all, even thought I got some good shots, the ISO noise rendered them useless.

Tonight I had my (borrowed) SLR and now I just need to have a look and maybe do some tweaks before I can put them on Flickr :)

Happy Sara :)


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Casting on a sleeve


Just thought I'd pop this up quickly before I head to work.

Cast on a sleeve last night. This is the cuff, 10cm of K1, P1 ribbing. I don't think it's looking too bad so far...


Monday, 15 November 2010

Got my wool, I'm good to go!


Life is pretty good (hopefully). Dat's currently in the middle of his triple bypass operation. It was scheduled for Wednesday but an earlier slot came up, they asked if he wanted it and Dat said yes. 

I've just bought my yarn for my jumper pattern! I started a vintage knitting course last week. Last week was about meeting everyone, talking about the course and picking some patterns that we each liked. I found three I wanted to do, and after having some trouble with my favourite (second most difficult of the three) I'm now making the easiest pattern. I've not made a jumper before so it'll be challenging. It's a 36 line repeating pattern so I'd best not mess it up!

I've got a green/turquoise chunky acrylic yarn. It probably won't me amazing but I'm learning :) At £1.79 a ball it was most definitely a shit load cheaper than the other yarns I saw on the weekend!! Huge difference between £180 and £15!

Will post a pic of the colour when I manage to take some in natural light :)


Saturday, 13 November 2010

Knit Cafe book


I hope you're well. I'm freezing and watching the boyfriend go kart at a random spot in London. It's his friends birthday and they were supposed to start at 5.30. They started an hour later, but are only now actually racing!

I'm pretty content though. I visited Loop and I Knit today. I was hoping to buy some yarn to knit my vintage jumper pattern but I worked out it would cost me about £160 to buy the necessary amount in Loop. Gutted :-( It was full of gorgeous yarns, and I was quite happy to stand, look and stroke! Tom was with me and a bit bored though, so we left and went to the pub to see the second half of his favourite football team play. Compromise eh?!

After that we travelled to Waterloo to visit I Knit. By this point I'd decided I was going to make the other jumper pattern, which is slightly easier and knit in DK on 7mm needles instead of 4-ply on 4 different sizes! It was still pretty expensive to get the necessary amount of DK though so I gave up.

I'll have to try again at Jacksons on Monday. The most expensive 4-ply they had was £4 a ball. Granted it probably won't be as pretty, but I think I should play it safe to begin with until I know the pattern and know I like the end results!

On the way to go karting we walked past a discounted book store. I picked up a copy or Knit Cafe for £3.99 which is well worth it (rrp £9.99).

I've just read the entire thing while waiting for the go karters. There's a few patterns in there I just know I'm going to make! If you find a copy take a look.

I'd love it if there was somewhere similar in Reading, I love the whole feel, idea and philosophy behind it. If I could open one, I would :-)

Have a good evening!

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Quiet one?

Waiting for Tom to finish his pint and watching his football game so that we can go to Waterloo to buy some wool :-)

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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My vintage knitting pattern!

On Monday I went to the first class of the Generations Together, Knitting Together course I enrolled on.

We spent 2 hours talking about the course, what we hoped to get out it it, knitting, yarns, and looking at hundreds of patterns.

I picked out 3 that I liked, and most importantly (for me) that I would wear. I see lots of gorgeous patterns but I'm never sure I would wear them. These I would :-)

I got some photocopies done so that I can make them even after the course finishes.

I've chosen to make the one in the picture for the course. It's from an Elle book of designs from France, 1984. It's the kind of thing I would wear with jeans or leggings, day or night :-)

It's knitted in 4-ply which is the same as sock wool, so its gonna take a lot of time but I'm looking forward. It'll stretch me, which is good as there are plenty of ladies there that will be able to help me.

It's a sweater so it involves making up, changing needle sizes, diagonal ribbing, and shaping. I wouldn't have dared try something like that otherwise. I can't even work up the nerve to knit socks!

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Monday, 1 November 2010

Christmas cards are done!

This is a sneak preview of one of the Christmas cards I've done this year. I won't post the finished ones in case an intended recipient sees them, but I'm glad I have finished them.

I've been doing these while giving my wrist a rest from knitting.
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