Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Mojo slump

I haven't updated in a while, 'cos I simply haven't made anything since the last post!

After finishing the crepe dress, I needed a break and as Craig proposed in August, threw myself into wedding planning instead! The majority of the 'big decisions' are made and most are booked. I've a few secret pinterest boards that are holding ideas until much closer to the time, which will be September 2016. I've already chosen and bought my dress! Realistically, I'm unlikely to be able to sew a more complicated dress with construction so decided to buy one instead. I am going to sew my evening dress though!

I haven't been on nights since September either, which always provided me with more off duty time in order to create. I'm hoping to sit down and get my patterns and fabric stashes organised this week. Hopefully it'll trigger the Mojo again! I read a little while ago on her blog that Lladybird has a box with precut fabric and patterns, so she always has something ready to sew at hand. I quite like this idea as I hate cutting out, but I'm quite indecisive so not sure I can commit too far in advance by cutting fabric ahead of time! She also uses a swatch system to organise upcoming patterns and ideas, which I will definitely try to start doing!