Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Phoebe dress sewalong

The Phoebe sewalong begins this week if you'd like to join in.

Join the Phoebe Sewalong!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Making Plans

I can be fairly organised in life. Mainly in certain aspects which are important to me, the rest can go to hell. Our wedding is mostly organised for example with most being done in 6 weeks despite there being 9 months to go. I put aside most of my hobbies to get that done.

Now that I've organised the majority of the wedding I've been in a bit of a general slump, but I know that I need to get back to making and being creative again, as physically producing things makes me feel good.    

So... I'm going to start with jumping on the bandwagon and sew up a Pheobe from Colette! In a red and yellow tartan flannel, just for giggles. I've never tried sewing with flannel or pattern matching so I'm not 100% convinced this will be matching either, but I'll never know till I try! I'm hoping for a warm, snuggly dress that I can wear with my 3/4 sleeve black t shirt, black leggings and boots.