Saturday, 12 July 2008

It's Piggy Time!

Made this little card for my boyfriend Tom, who adores pigs.

Was a little bit stuck on what to use for a tail so decided that it would be curled around the side out of sight. Tom didn't quite get that though, was told next time it must have a tail!

Loving the googly eye :D Stroke of genius methinks!


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Tea Bag Folding


I did some tea bag folding tonight. I've done it once before as part of a little kit that I bought in an Arts and Crafts show in the Cardiff International Arena when I was 16. It turned out okay, but because it was printed paper it was quite tricky to fold the paper well because it's so flimsy (tesco value printing paper normally rules!). Might have another go tomorrow, but returned to the excelled website I linked to in the earlier 'Iris Folding' post which provides free patterns and templates and did a little more of that instead :)

Pics up soon


Iris Folding

As part of a goodie bag I received off ebay I recently obtained some Iris folding paper. Being a little confused as to what to do with it, I had a look online and found this wonderful site. provides free patterns and links to another website with free folding papers which was extremely helpful. The heart pattern and all of the folding papers where taken from those websites. The first pattern shown is the heart...

Here's my version;

I messed the cutting out the heart slightly as I only have scissors at the moment.

I then tried with another template I found online;

When I was bored I sometimes used to do similar things with my pencil and ruler in classes in school, so it's nice to be able to actually do something now!

That's all for tonight


Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I've set this blog up for me to have somewhere to place my dabblings and learning curves of cardmaking and scrapbooking, so apologies in advance!

Here are some cards that I have recently made, my first ever cards in fact!

This was my first ever attempt, and I made it for Leah, my best friend who lives in Cardiff where I recently moved home from, and wrote a little message telling her to come visit me soon! The pink ink came with a glass fountain pen I bought off ebay - the ink is fantastic, the pen a little more tricky to use! I also bought a load of papers off ebay, so will take a few days to sort out which are what :)

This card I made for my friend Leila, also as a missing you style card.

The ribbon I used to make it a little brighter because it seemed a little simple to me. The ribbon, butterfly and handmade papers were bought as part of a kit off ebay.

I then bought a goodie bag off ebay which included some toppers and made this card hurriedly for an impromptu birthday/housewarming party;