Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Making Magazine


I bought the new Launch Issue of Making magazine tonight on my way home. It was £4.99 and seemed to have a fair amount of new things to do in it. It's split into 6 sections; bathroom, living areas, kitchen, wardrobe, garden and techniques.

My overall impression is that the magazine is aimed at people a little older than myself. I like that it has a broad range of things so I'll definitely be keeping it and will keep a beady eye for future issues.

This issue contains:
7 different ways to alter a dress in a week (not the same one! It will be useful when I eventually have a sewing machine as that's the kind of thing I want to do),
Interviews and articles,
How to re-upholster a chair in 6 different ways,
How to make your own enamelled buttons,
Different ways of wrapping and presenting home made gifts,
A sewing machine special,
9 different cupcake icing recipes,
9 different pickling suggestions,
Some ideas for Halloween,
How to make bath bombs and lotion bars....

It also has some 'project cards' on 4 different things (eg. making piped cake decorations) at the back which you can buy a box for to collect them all. This issue also has a similar thing covering knitting basics which is also handy.

Keep an eye out and see if you like it :)


Friday, 17 September 2010

Taking The Plunge!


This morning I took the plunge and booked myself on a 'Beginners Knitting' workshop at the Knitting and Stitching Show taking place at Alexandra Palace on Oct 7th-10th this year. There were only 5 places left this morning, so be quick if you fancy it too! The tickets for entry are £11 (in advance) and I paid £15 for the 2 hour workshop. I'm not convinced I'm casting on correctly, and while I now know how to cast off, I don't know what to do with the ends of yarn, how to stop my edges curling and how to avoid tension problems creating large loops on the sides of rows. Fingers crossed the workshop (which covers learning to cast on, knit, purl and cast off) will show me the correct way, and I'll be able to ask questions and get shown the solution if I come across any problems. Googling for video's is all well and good, but you can't get them to talk and interact back with you!

Kinda nervous already though!


Wednesday, 15 September 2010



I signed up for Ravelry yesterday. So far it's been awesome! It's a huge site chock full of knitters and crochet(ers?)/hookers (that sounds wrong!) and loads of patterns that members can submit and rate. It also has yarn sellers on there, and if will keep track of your hooks and needles (a little similar to the Knit Cards app I have on my phone).

I spent about an hour on it last night, and now have about 20 patterns saved that I would like to attempt/save for future reference. There's some scarves on there (obviously, I am a beginner!) but also other random stuff, like a Tofu pin cushion which made me giggle a lot when I saw it, mug warmers, knitting elephants... you name it, it's probably on there!

They also have a huge forum, and members who contribute to Q&A sessions which are rather handy for the uneducated like myself!

YAY! *I left to answer the doorbell* The postman just dropped off some of the knitting needles I bought off Ebay on Monday. They're HUGE! (Very, very long.) I've just a little measure and all 5 are 14 inches long. Which explains my shock as the 4mm plastic ones I'm using now are only 8 inches. Vintage needles in old sizes 2, 4, 6, 7, 8.

Anyway, back to the post! I'm enjoying it so far, and I love the way that you can add projects to your queue of things to knit/crochet as you come along them while searching, or simply save them for later. Needless to say, the tofu pincushion went straight to the queue!


Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Calling All Tweeters!


Just thought I'd see who out there is on Twitter. I've been on it for a fair while now, and would like to see more crafty people in my feed! Please let me know in the comments what your username is, and I'll come follow you (in a good way, honest)!


Folksy Lusting


Today I'm loving the Folksy people Peris & Corr. They're based in Snowdonia in North Wales, and I'm in love with their bags and Welsh cards (myself being Welsh too).

This hand printed Blackbird tote bag is simple, but stunning. They also have a gorgeous Magpie tote bag too. Both are £6!

I really like the ornate style of these card, plus (speaking from experience) it's really hard to find Welsh cards unless you made them yourself, usually. This one says 'Thank you'.

Cariad is Welsh for 'Love'. Both are £2.50 each. This one would be perfect for Valentines if you don't fancy making a card yourself.


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Folksy Lusting


I've been following American blogs for a while so I'm familiar with Etsy, but only recently discovered Folksy.

Here is a gorgeous item that I'm lusting after right now:

It's handmade and sold by 'madebylucy' and you can buy it here.

It's simple but stunning and I want, badly.


Monday, 6 September 2010

Mam Knows Best


Not long got home from work so just a quick update.

I saw this pop up on a friends Facebook this evening. Not quite a poem but I still like it:

At the age of 4: Mum knows everything!
At 8: Mum knows a lot!
At 12: Mum doesn't know everything.
At 14: Mum doesn't know anything.
At 16: Mum doesn't exist.
At 18: She's old fashioned.
At 25: Mum does know about this!
At 35: Before we decide, let's ask Mum.
At 45: I wonder what Mum thinks about this?
At 75: I wish I could ask my Mum!

Simple enough, but it does sound fairly familiar!

Knitting update: Last night we unravelled the piece Mam started in order to teach me with. This morning on the train I started anew with 30 stitches. It now seems to progressing well, and I have rashly suggested I might make a scarf for someone, to which two people have put their names down! Oh dear!!


I can Knit! (Badly)


In a related reprise of I can Crochet! (Badly). This week I bought a Let's Get Crafting Knitting & Crochet special issue. I brought it on the train home with me (intending to do it, and putting it off) and showed it to Mam while discussing the fact that I'd also brought home 2 dresses for alterations with me.

I bought a navy and white dress last week that I love the style and pattern of, but I'm not sure about it. The wide straps have button holes and attach to the dress via buttons so that the length is adjustable. I've only a small chest so it needs taking in again. However the dress also seems like it's straining at the front (it has an elasticated back), where there are 4 buttons down the chest. I don't want the top one popping open, but the fabric wrinkles and appears to be strained when all buttons are done up. So I'm not sure whether to keep it and alter it (and hope for the best, because the buttons would have to be stitched which would affect the way the dress sits) or to return it. It was £19.99.

I also have another dress I bought for my birthday. The adjustable strap plastic piece has snapped on one end, so it doesn't hold it's position any more. It's the same piece you get on bra straps, so I'm hoping it will be relatively easy to track down a replacement.

So this evening Mam and I sat down to go through the dresses and alter them. Out came her stash, and away it went when we realised that we couldn't actually make any headway on either. Then I remembered the magazine, and Mam started showing me how to knit. She has never been able to crochet (she says) so the extent of my crochet skills (casting on and the foundation chain) is more than she can do.

However Mam used to be able to knit, and she has lots of cardigans etc that she knitted for me when I was a baby. My Gran used to knit a lot, as did her Grandmother. Sadly my Gran's health isn't very good any more, and she's unable to knit or craft.

After saying she was rusty and unable to remember clearly, Mam picked up the wool and needles and started knitting away like a pro! So she showed me how to cast on, then how to knit and after a few rows how to purl. I've ended up with what looks like a misshapen flag due to my mysterious skill in adding extra stitches! It was 12 to begin with, and at one point was 16...

I really enjoyed it, and more importantly Mam did too. We even stayed up until 11.30pm doing it, which is REALLY late for Mam. She's normally in bed by 9pm and then watches tv until she nods off. I'm glad she enjoyed it, although she did say she probably wouldn't take it up again properly.

Hope you've all had a lovely Sunday like me :)