Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Trillian, the Scarf

I made a scarf/shawl for Craig's mum over Christmas (long story, stemming from being unexpectedly given gifts by his parents!) and decided to try and finish it in 10 days so I could give it to them on the 27th when they came for lunch.

Long story cut shorter, I didn't finish it quite in time but having shown it to Coral, who I thought would appreciate a hand knit scarf/shawl as she's an ex-knitter. She liked the length of it, so I only need to finish the binding off one the working side then washing & blocking. I managed to screw up though so I'm a bit stuck in limbo - only 3 rows to completion, but can't spot & fix the mistake without frogging back to my last lifeline. And I haven't quite worked up the courage to attempt it yet.

I'd like to thank the genius who invented lifelines though!


PS, my phone camera really can't capture the colour & sheen of the fyberspates scrumptious 4ply yarn I'm using!! Its gorgeous :-)

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