Monday, 6 May 2013

Synesthesia Socks

Synesthesia - an interesting neurological condition where the senses become a little mixed up. For example, someone might hear music and see colours. I noticed a free pattern called Synesthesia on Ravelry in 2010 and saved it. It's been languishing in my favourites list ever since.

However since rediscovering a skein of Sugar Hippo from a month or so back, the beautiful colours & sheen were playing on my mind so I wanted to use it as my next project after I finished my exams. I happily (& successfully!) completed my CT practical assessment on Friday, so I spent the weekend relaxing and am feeling much happier about starting a new project now. I know from years of experience, I start projects as distractions and procrastination devices.

I proudly present synesthesia:

The sheen is just gorgeous. It's a 75% merino & 25% silk blend so I'll have to be careful when washing it. I don't want this to ever felt. 

I'm really enjoying knitting with it so far and the pattern is easy to memorise. It'll become 'mindless' after a few more rounds I think. Perfect for lunchtime knitting! I love the colours of the yarn as well, especially as each round of knitting is producing differently coloured stitches - makes counting rows a breeze!

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