Monday, 20 May 2013

Zipper issues

In a bizarre way, I've lost the zip I originally bought for my skirt. I ripped my shoddy seams from my first attempt at sewing it in & placed it with my skirt. Then we had the mouse episode - which sadly killed off sourdough cultures Ted & Sophie as there was faeces around the slightly ajar jars & I wasn't willing to risk it.

Then somepoint between moving everything to try & catch the mouse, then tidiying everything afterwards, I lost the zip. I bought another from Shaw's on Friday but its sticking a bit once fully zipped up. Its the only one I have in that colour but I have another in a larger size I may use if soaping the zip doesn't work.

I pinned in a 6inch zipper replacement on Friday evening. I've tried to place it as a concealed zip but since seeing a tutorial on lapped zippers not too long ago (link when I'm on my lappy & not in bed on my phone!) I think I might try a lapped zip instead.

Bring on my birthday!! I asked Craig for a sewing book which will be very much appreciated!

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