Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tote bag, Arielle skirt and a cushion!

Last week was a bit of a full on sewing week. I finished nights 8am on Tuesday morning and went straight to a sewing class for 1.30pm!

I booked onto a tote bag masterclass at The Stitching Boutique back in March but due to a shift change had to rearrange at fairly short notice. Tamzin was really lovely though and organised a class for me to attend so that I wouldn't miss out. There were 3 of us in the class so we got to relax and ask as many questions as we liked while sewing. I need to take some photos of the bag I made, waiting for a bit of sun as our house can be fairly dark. I used Lotta Jansdotter fabric, with a grey outer and inside pocket, with a contrast yellow fabric for the inside bag.

I was 'in the mood' when I got home (plus if I'd stopped I'd have fallen asleep) so after eating I went straight to the spare room which is where I do all my sewing and made up a second Roald Dahl fabric cushion, in the brilliantly named 'Wondercrump Spot' colourway. I bought another cushion insert at TSB, which was only £2.50 and is really lovely and squishy. I somehow managed to line up the fabric perfectly, so that Matilda's toe spans the closure of the cushion - something I couldn't have done if I'd tried!

On Wednesday I spent the afternoon cutting out the pieces for a black cotton twill Arielle skirt, having received my pattern a week or so ago. I had some grey anti-static dress lining that I picked up on eBay quite cheaply so decided to make the lined version. I HATE the dress lining. It frayed as soon as I started touching it, so I think the skirt already has a finite life span unfortunately.

I picked up quite a few pin injuries trying to cut the pieces out this time. I cut out the blue skater dress using my rotary cutter, but cut out Arielle using my fabric scissors. I'm going back to the rotary cutter next time, much quicker and easier on my wrists.

I finished the skirt Friday evening then sewed the buttons on Saturday morning, just in time to drive to West Wales for the weekend. I really like the skirt, but I'm not 100% happy with the construction of the front right wrapover piece as I cut the long version then decided to hack 4 inches off the hem after already having finished the lining (which really screwed things up and I do not recommend it!) so will ponder how to fix that a little longer before posting photos on here!

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