Monday, 18 May 2015

Zipper Pouch

Following on from the tote bag I made in TSB last week, I decided to watch the Craftsy class on reversible tote bags & zipper pouches. I signed up to Craftsy about 2-3 years ago but this is the first time I've actually used it! The class was really easy to follow and it was nice to see people's comments, showing pictures and asking questions.

I was watching the class in bed (lazy Sunday lie in!) at my parents house, and once we got back home to ours I waited a polite amount of time before excusing myself and locking myself in the spare room with my sewing machine.

I've not used a normal zipper before - I'm not even sure what its called? I've only used invisible zips before for the dress & a skirt that I started making 3 years ago and doubt I will ever wear/finish. I only had an 8 inch zip so reduced the pouch width by 1 inch, but I needed to redo the left side as there was a gap showing to the right of the zip stopper. I sewed the seam around 0.5cm closer then trimmed off the excess. 

On the whole I'm pretty pleased with this, it was quick and easy. I should probably elongate my stitches for next time, rather than using a 2mm width. I had a lot of issues with thread jams though, I'm glad the bag is lined! 

I've been looking at buying a new sewing machine and I'm thinking of taking the plunge and going for the Janome DXL603. I want to try it first though, but it's currently on offer for £349 rather than £399, with an extension table & quilting feet thrown in for free. It's very expensive, but I'd rather upgrade to something with room to grow into, than buy a £150 machine which I then have to replace again in a few years time.

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