Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Not the most exciting week

I haven't been doing that much creatively since returning from Edinburgh, I've been working lots instead.

I have treated myself to a new 45mm rotary cutter though, mine was a cheap & cheaply made 20mm one that I bought off eBay last year. I had used it a fair amount and the blade was still fairly sharp but the plastic it lived in was falling apart. Sometimes it clunked as it rolled and cut unevenly, so by pressing harder to avoid that it cut into the plastic guard and the blade would get pushed into the cutter so it was barely clearing the plastic to cut anything. It used to loosen itself over time too. It was my first one so these may be common issues, but I have waved goodbye to it as I couldn't find any replacement blades for it either! 

I also picked up some quilting rulers, a 4.5 inch triangle and a 6 inch square. I spent a few hours cutting out squares ready to be sewn & cut into 8 half square triangles but otherwise haven't touched my sewing stash all week!

Three metres of floral crepe and three metres of black & cream clover viscose arrived too. Any hints on how to best use them? The viscose isn't sheer if I lay it over my arm but while drying I noticed I could see the window fairly easily through it!

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