Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I Can Crochet! (Badly)


On Monday I took a wrong turn and came out of an exit I'd never been out of before. Next to it is a big Poundshop, so I went in and picked up a crochet kit.

I was expecting it to be badly made and it kinda is - the hooks and needles are plastic, the instructions barely legible and full of typos - BUT there's 5 balls of wool, it has plastic hooks and you gotta start somewhere right? Besides, no point spending lots of money to find out you hate something!

I couldn't resist :)

It's taken me 3 nights but I've finally made some progress. The instructions were quite confusing, the pictures aren't great and I even had a google to see where I was going wrong but couldn't quite put everything together in my head.

Eventually I watched a video and saw the step in action and realised where I was going wrong. Basically, I wasn't trusting myself to repeat a step because it looked hopeless - but after doing it a few times it turned into the chain shown in the instructions, yay! I was so excited I stopped immediately, took a picture and thought I'd share it :)

So now I have to continue following the instructions. It appears to promise that I'll end up with a flower if I follow all of the steps in the correct order.

[The fact that the steps start on D and progress to E, F, H and J hopefully won't be an issue.]


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