Wednesday, 10 November 2010

My vintage knitting pattern!

On Monday I went to the first class of the Generations Together, Knitting Together course I enrolled on.

We spent 2 hours talking about the course, what we hoped to get out it it, knitting, yarns, and looking at hundreds of patterns.

I picked out 3 that I liked, and most importantly (for me) that I would wear. I see lots of gorgeous patterns but I'm never sure I would wear them. These I would :-)

I got some photocopies done so that I can make them even after the course finishes.

I've chosen to make the one in the picture for the course. It's from an Elle book of designs from France, 1984. It's the kind of thing I would wear with jeans or leggings, day or night :-)

It's knitted in 4-ply which is the same as sock wool, so its gonna take a lot of time but I'm looking forward. It'll stretch me, which is good as there are plenty of ladies there that will be able to help me.

It's a sweater so it involves making up, changing needle sizes, diagonal ribbing, and shaping. I wouldn't have dared try something like that otherwise. I can't even work up the nerve to knit socks!

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