Monday, 15 November 2010

Got my wool, I'm good to go!


Life is pretty good (hopefully). Dat's currently in the middle of his triple bypass operation. It was scheduled for Wednesday but an earlier slot came up, they asked if he wanted it and Dat said yes. 

I've just bought my yarn for my jumper pattern! I started a vintage knitting course last week. Last week was about meeting everyone, talking about the course and picking some patterns that we each liked. I found three I wanted to do, and after having some trouble with my favourite (second most difficult of the three) I'm now making the easiest pattern. I've not made a jumper before so it'll be challenging. It's a 36 line repeating pattern so I'd best not mess it up!

I've got a green/turquoise chunky acrylic yarn. It probably won't me amazing but I'm learning :) At £1.79 a ball it was most definitely a shit load cheaper than the other yarns I saw on the weekend!! Huge difference between £180 and £15!

Will post a pic of the colour when I manage to take some in natural light :)


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