Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Have a look at these beauties!

Evening :)

How cool are these?!

I randomly found this link and saved it so that I could post it on here, they are fab!

Last night's knitting class was fun. Three people couldn't make it so we pulled the tables together and sat ourselves around one giant one, instead of around 4 separate ones. It made a big difference, and it was much nicer and easier to talk to everyone.

I showed Fabba my trick of picking up dropped stitches, or whenever I need a helping hand by using a knitting marker pin that one of the class leaders hadn't seen before. In turn, they checked my pattern and made sure it was okay, helped me work out my right and wrong sides for my knitting and I got stuck in with my sleeve!

Tonight was Photography night (PhotoSoc). It's the first one I've been to this academic year, as I've just been busy in work, ill or just didn't feel up to it! Bad habits :( Tonight was a practical studio session which was unlike the one last year in that last years was specifically so that the DramaSoc could get shots done for an upcoming play programme. Tonight's was more on different types of lighting, different ways of setting the shoot up to achieve different effects etc. And I got to have a go! Last year I only had my digital compact, which while fully manual is not ideal! I couldn't attach the flash sync, so had to try and time my shots to catch the flash set off by those doing the photography with SLRs using the flash sync. Kinda difficult! Plus at the end of it all, even thought I got some good shots, the ISO noise rendered them useless.

Tonight I had my (borrowed) SLR and now I just need to have a look and maybe do some tweaks before I can put them on Flickr :)

Happy Sara :)


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