Tuesday, 21 December 2010



Only a quick post as I'm desperate to go to bed (and the toilet, but that's the Guinness talking)!

I finished my sock last week and I love it! I've ordered another two skeins of wool from Abstract Cat yarns as a Christmas present to myself!

I've also started and completed a scarf for my friend Angharad. She picked out some Sirdar Squiggle yarn in 'Applejack' back in October and I've been wondering for ages what to make with it. It's a super chunky yarn made of two chunky yarns twisted around each other - and each strand is variegated which means there are different colours running throughout it! Took a long time, and some Ravelry advice but I decided on a scarf pattern in the end. Actually only took about 3 hours to knit from start to finish, really quick and it actually looks pretty good to! It uses twisted drop stitch so each stitch opens out and shows the construction of the yarn with the double strands. I think it looks pretty good, and it should be nice and warm and cosy!


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