Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sock Progress!


Gosh I haven't updated my sock report on here for ages! I literally spent the week before last knitting my sock every spare moment I had - on the bus, breaks, at home... Then an expansion for one of my favourite games was released and I spent a week pretty much just playing that!

I've completed the gusset (which took forever). Knitting 7 inches of stocking stitch is really tiresome and boring, to the point where I was just getting bored of the whole thing so the game was a good distraction.

However I'm pleased to report that tonight I have finished the toe shaping! Yay!! I'll post a picture when it's finished, but I think I've just got the kitchener stitch to do to stitch up the seam on the toes. Not really looking forward to it as it does look a little confusing on the tutorial I'm using (Silver's Sock Class) but if I can turn a heel then I can definitely do it :D

More pictures soon!


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