Friday, 31 December 2010

Need to STOP! (And I don't want to)


Does it count if I made a new year's resolution to stop spending as much money on yarn if I buy them before it hits midnight?

I bought 2 skeins of yarn yesterday. One from Goddess Knitting, and another from a little shop called Wollmeise.


I fail at not spending money on yarn. I ordered the Goddess skein from the website direct, but the Wollmeise is coming through swaps with ever-so-kind-and-enabling Ravelry users. I'm also in talks to buy another 2 skeins, just waiting for the payment details.

Excited! I'm getting a skein of 100% merino Ballerina (a luscious purple that I've seen a gorgeous shawl for, my first lace work?), a skein of 80/20 twin WD Vergissmeinnicht (Forget me not which will make lovely socks) which are lovely, and (supposedly) lastly a skein of 100% Fuschia which is a shocking bright pink that would make amaaaazing socks :D

Now I'm really impatient for them to arrive (which will take aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages, and I'll have to pay for customs probably) and then not buy any more for the next 3 months. Which will probably be really easy, on account of how hard it is to actually buy them from the online shop when there's an update!

At midnight tonight I can start making my sock for this month's YOSS sock!


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