Saturday, 19 February 2011

Productive Morning

Howdy :)

I've been busy so far today (for me, on a rare weekend off)! I definitely didn't buy 4 skeins of wonderful yarn, but I definitely did finish my roll of colour film while taking pictures of random things around the house. And I definitely have just (hopefully) successfully loaded and started a new roll of black & white film. I've showered, eaten and theoretically I'm now ready to leave the house and start my photography trip.

Aim of the day: Take at least 5 photos to be entered into a competition for the local university's history department, using the list of places I've been picking out this week.

Realistic aim of the day: Wait for the rain to go, then venture out to the river at the bottom of my road and take pictures of the two 'historic' bridges, wander into town and take a few more but not all the ones on my list.

I really don't like being out and about taking photos on my own. It's a confidence and scared of being challenged thing. If I'm with someone else, or in a group that's perfect but I'm worried (hopefully for nothing) that I'll be stopped and asked why I'm taking pictures of landmarks! It's the same in London, I don't like taking pictures of things too much because the terrorism paranoia is even bigger there. I don't imagine Reading gets many tourists taking pictures, so I should stick out like a sore thumb!

Wish me luck! :)


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