Sunday, 6 February 2011

Folksy Lustings!

Morning :)

I've woke up with a horrible pounding headache today after staying up until 3am knitting the first half of Clue #1 of the Criminal Knits Mystery Knit-A-Long so I thought I'd have a browse on Folksy and easy my pain!

If you weren't already aware, you can follow Folksy on Twitter which is how I found the tweet about some of the latest featured sellers who I went to visit...

So here is CoCo Crafts of I love their bags! I've picked out about 8 that I would be very, very happy to buy if I wasn't skint - always the way! I have my own little wish list with what I would use each bag for!

(All photos are from the item descriptions, and copyrights belong to the shop owners, not me.)

This Dawn clutch is gorgeous. A lot more grown up than I normally go for, but perfect for nights out or when I'm dressing up, I just love it! 

This is Bethan who is just lovely. I love this style of bag, and the longer handles means that it's easier to put the bag on your shoulder, and the roomy bag means I can put everything I need for work in it!

Bethan even comes in a range of gorgeous colours and fabric combinations!

This is Laura who would live inside my Bethan bag :)

Laura also comes in awesome different colours and fabrics, which just means that I want to buy them all!

This is Gemma, who is very cute and perky! She'd be a knitting project bag, for an awesome pair of socks!

Sian would be awesome to wear on nights out because I always wear little bags that go across my body so that I can dance for hours without having to the awful 'dance around your bag' huddle, or the 'keep one arm tightly pulled in on your handbag' dance!

I realise that I could have just said at the top 'GO SEE THIS SHOP!' but that wouldn't have been half as fun as this post! Why do I always find gorgeous things on Folksy when I can't afford to buy things?! I'm just my own worst enemy lol.


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