Sunday, 21 April 2013

More pretties

I'm dangerous on eBay.  I forget which ones I have & how much money I've already pledged (& spent on other winning bids).

Still, I have some pretties and I've done two weeks of overtime to pay for them. I've also finished my exams and essays, so I can relax for the first time in ages!

I really like the shape of this 1976 Style 1510 pattern. I can't find anything online for this pattern, so I'm going to assume it's not a popular one! I quite like view 1 with the sleeveless dress & collar combo, view 2 is the same except is has a purchased belt & two front pockets.

The illustrations from the 1989 Simplicity 9514 pattern are quite amusing, but I fancy trying view 1 with short sleeves and in two colours for the top & skirt. The notions state that shoulder pads are optional!

The 1977 Simplicity 7952 pattern on the left could be quite nice made up with view 1's shorter sleeve length. The 1975 Style 1128 is a nice length & I'm interested in views 2 & 3.

Definitely spotting a theme with my patterns, I'm a bit obsessed with dresses! Especially ones with collars...

The 1971 Simplicity 9205 pattern has a pair of trousers at least, just to shake things up a little! I prefer view 2 with the cute bow just under the collar. I actually really love view 2 for this 1972 Style 3842 pattern too, I have long blonde(ish) hair & I've always found the hippy/70s look works quite well on me! Not sure about the puffed sleeves though.

Last but not least, I picked up this undated Vogue 6654 blouse pattern. It just looks so elegant! I can't find it on Vintage Wikia though, so I have no clue as to how old it is.

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