Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New year, new lusts!


To distract myself from my chest infection I've decided to post some lovely things I've found on Folksy :) (All photos are from the item descriptions, and copyrights belong to the shop owners, not me.)

First up...

I'm loving my greens/blues/teals lately. I love the teal bits in between the beads, and how the colours all mesh together. I need to find some sock yarn in this colour! You can buy this lovely bracelet from AMIdesigns :)

In keeping with the blues/greens/purple phase I'm in, I found this yarn 'Petulant' from Spinning a Yarn. I think this colourway would make gorgeous socks - it's not too girly for work with the stripes of grey, and it would look really good even knit up as a plain stocking stitch sock :)

And last but not least....

Anybody feel like buying one of these in a size 10 and sending it my way? ;) I adore this dress from Dig For Victory, and this particular dress is just the latest one from their shop that has caught my eye!


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