Friday, 28 January 2011

Happy start to the day


I was woken up this morning by the postman (quickly followed by a bit of a hangover headache - went for sushi and wine last night with my housemate).

I opened the door to receive a box, which I eagerly opened to find it contained this

 I have no idea what this is! I bought a nostepinne, but none of the pictures I've seen of nostepinnes look like this - confused!

Any idea? 

Then the doorbell rang again, with a different post man (from the same company bizarrely). He came bearing German gifts...

Oh yeah! I never knew they included a pattern and some gummy bears - cute! Sabrina is a lot darker than I anticipated (this picture has been taken with a flash) but I love the colour.

A close up of the scarf pattern that came in the package.

Sabrina sitting in the natural daylight (most of my pictures are taken in my room with 3 bulbs).

I quickly ran to dig out my other skeins of Wollmeise to compare them. I definitely go for a certain 'set' of colours, in yarn and everything else!

I think Sabrina feels at home already :)

Thanks Wollmeise!! Mam would love these :)

I also had my first issue of my Making magazine subscription arrive, so I can take that to work with me to read this afternoon. A yummy skein of Wolle's colour changing creations cotton yarn arrived yesterday too (more on that in another post as it's earmarked for my first ever Knit-a-long) so it's been a good 24 hours for presents in the post!


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