Friday, 26 June 2015

Matilda Cushions

I realised that despite blogging about going on a sewing class to make these, I never actually posted any photos of the finished items!

I made one of these at a beginners sewing class back in October through The Stitching Boutique in Cardiff. I really enjoyed the class and it was such a relief to find out that my self taught sewing was actually along the right lines! I upgraded from a 15 inch to 17 inch cushion and to a softer, luxurious feel cotton from the Roald Dahl fabric range. 

As I'd upgraded and bought a metre of the £12.50 p/m fabric for £10, I still had enough left to make a second. I left it initially, then back in March I went to another masterclass with Tamzin, to make a tote bag. While there I bought a cushion insert for £2.50 and that night I went straight home, said hello to Craig, wolfed down my tea and locked myself in the spare room to make a second cushion. 

It was a very quick, easy make. I cut out one 19 inch square piece of fabric, then a longer rectangle to allow a 3 inch overlap. I cut the pieces consecutively out of the fabric and I'm so pleased with the pattern matching - look at Matilda's foot! It was unintentional but I'll take it all the same! :D

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