Tuesday, 23 June 2015

New Patterns

Just a quite round up of some recent pattern purchases. I really need to invest in a database/app of some kind to keep them all organised. I currently have all my vintage patterns stored in individual poly pockets in two box folders, but I've outgrown them and need a third now! Perhaps I should have a third box that only contains newer, modern patterns?

McCall's recently had a pattern sale where each pattern was $3.99 - brilliant stuff! Postage & packaging was $15 to ship to the UK, so I had to limit myself to 3 or it tipped me into a higher weight category and P&P increased to $25.

I made sure to buy the famous M6696 which so many lovely bloggers have sewn up. I'm jumping on the shirtdress bandwagon and trying to find something to sew that will match the love I had for a sleeveless cream heart polka dot shirtdress I bought in New Look about 3 years ago. I wore the dress almost daily as it was just the right amount of casual but also knee length so looked good during the day and night. Unfortunately I fried it in my tumble dryer when I was insistent on wearing it to a houseparty and had left it too late to wash and allow to dry on the line. Paid for that one big time, it shrank by a good 10cm and is now indecent if not worn with thick leggings. Hopefully I can sew a worthy alternative between M6696 and M6891.

I also bought these two Butterick patterns from the opening sale of WeaverDee.com. I picked up some buttons, Gutterman thread and these patterns for a decent amount. They have had several good pattern sales since opening - there's an up to 50% Burda pattern sale on until July 15th atm.

I really like the shape and neckline of the Lisette dress, plus I bought another shirtdress pattern (did I mention getting slightly obsessed with recreating a certain dress?!)

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