Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sewing Plans


I spent 3 days making half square triangles for a rainbow, solid brights quilt the week I bought my machine. There's an awful lot of work that goes into each square!! I don't have a desk or table big enough for my cutting mat, so I do all my cuttings kneeling on the lounge floor. After 3 days I have pretty impressive kneeling bruises and a very sore back!

I got a bit disheartened at the fact it took 3 days to make some squares which took me only 3 hours to sew into a 4x12 rectangle! I initially sewed them into long strips, but couldn't match the seams over such a long distance. The quilt will be around 80x90 inches when finished.

We had some friends over last week and I got talking about sewing. Long story short, they both picked out fabric and zip combos for me to make them a zipper pouch make up bag each. I made one that night but cut too close to the seam while clipping the corners so I need to go back in and fix a small hole in one corner.  The other will be done this week.

Yesterday Craig and I wandered into Calico & Co. and decided on some fabrics for curtains. We weren't sure if our measurements so went home, then returned too late as it had closed. We'll be going back this week, hopefully I can get the pair for the lounge made up by the weekend when we have friends visiting for my birthday BBQ. Photos to come!

I also impulse bought some cheap jersey and crepe du chine fabrics from eBay, which I have plans for. My sewing list is getting longer and longer, but I want to try knit fabrics before I get too stuck into women's then feel too afraid to sew with knits.

Have a nice week!

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