Monday, 15 June 2015

More Quick Zipper Pouches

Thought I'd quickly post an update on the two cotton zipper pouch bags I recently made for friends, using the free Craftsy Reversible Tote Bag & Zipper Pouch class. I've made three so far and I'm definitely getting better at using my zipper foot now. The top stitching still isn't as neat as I previously achieved on my first red version, but the build quality of the bags is much better overall!


I've briefly blogged about the bag on the right here, which was made for Sian.

But here's another photo or two for comparison I'm still happy that I lined up the swirl across the zip!

Here's a quick snap of the back, to show up unbroken pattern.

This second pouch was for Mariam. She picked a nice purple fabric (that I failed at topstitching neatly - again). The zip was easier to insert but I can't sew straight with it apparently!

Maz picked a beautiful blue cotton for the lining which is hidden away until you open it. I've just realised I haven't got any photos of it bursting from the inside - doh!! Well I will just have to take a photo of the fabric I have left. Anyway, it's a really gorgeous blue and one that I just love. 

I felt that a white tag would work better with the purple and white exterior, and keep the blue a surprise. So in order for it to not be plain and boring, I decided to try one of the decorative stitches on my new machine. I tried out a few but went for this leaf pattern to complement the flower detail on the exterior. It's subtle but pretty.

I also triple stitched the edges of both bags, as I cut too close to the seam on one of Sian's corners and had to go back in to close it up again. This time neither of them will come loose! I also got a much neater, closer finish on the edges of the zips - but I haven't worked out a better way to achieve this yet. I still have to keep sewing closer and closer until I hit the sweet spot! 

We had friends over this weekend for my birthday BBQ - and I gave Mariam her new pouch. She was pretty chuffed with it, especially the bright pop of the blue lining and the embroidered tag :D While she was looking at hers, another friend of mine spent a little while putting together fabric and zip choices for her own bag so I have another to sew this week. I do like the versatility of this pouch, despite my initial reservations of the use of it! In fact, I think I should probably sew myself one after making them for everyone else!!

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