Thursday, 7 October 2010

Just Because Card


I'm quite a big fan of the Let's Make Cards magazine. I don't have much money to build up a stash of goodies with, and each issue has a fairly big stash of freebies with it. I may not use all of them, or hate some of them (hehe) but there are usually quite a few bits that I like.

It's love/hate relationship though, because every issue is themed, and sometimes the theme is good/bad/ugly. An old issue (33 I believe) was Flower Fairies. I'm not a fan but my grandmother is. I'm never sure when the new issues come out. I haven't been able to find a definite shipping date online and I can't afford a subscription to issues I don't like!

A previous issue that I picked up (as at £7.99 it isn't cheap and I therefore only pick it up every now and again) was a Wallace & Gromit theme. My family are all fans of Wallace & Gromit so I know that I'll be sorted for both my Dad and brother's birthdays which is brilliant.

When I picked up an issue 6 months ago they had a spotlight on Owls. As noted before, I find it hard to be creative sometimes, and this time I decided the card was lovely as it was, so I would make one to have it to hand for a nice surprise card to a friend. Here it is :)

While in Swansea for my birthday in June, I borrowed a necklace from Leah to wear with my dress. Unfortunately at some point (probably during my energetic dancing) the bottom half of the necklace detached itself and flew off. I never saw it again, I hunted and hunted!

A few days later while out shopping I found another necklace that was a similar style but I didn't like the length of the chain. I thought it might be nice to replace the one I had lost, so I bought the necklace for it's pendant and then had some fun with pliers opening up the links and transferring them. I got there in the end!

So I sent this mini present for Leah to say thanks for her lovely birthday present (which you can see here) and an apology for having broken her necklace along with a letter I wrote last week. I'm just glad the necklace didn't have any sentimental value because that would have been irreplaceable.


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