Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Knitting Aches and Pains


I'm starting to be in pain now.

My job involves a lot of manual labour, which puts me at a higher risk of developing RSI. I injured my right wrist 4 months after I joined, through shaking bottles (part of the job and needs doing about 150-300 times a night). It took 9 months for the pain to disappear completely. The occupational health nurse told me to get trained in more areas - very helpful!

My wrist started aching yesterday, but I have an on-going problem with another aspect of my job exasperating the old weakness so I assumed it was from that. I didn't do much knitting last night, but I did about an hour or so this morning.

This afternoon while knitting at my tea break in work, I started getting a cramp like pain. I assumed it was because I was trying to go fairly quickly so that I could finish the row and return to work. I don't like leaving my knitting in the middle of a row!

This evening while working I noticed that the cramp pain never fully left, which is not a good sign.

I may not be able to finish this shawl after all :(


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