Monday, 4 October 2010

The Scarf is Doing Nicely!


I've got a cheeky half day off this afternoon after completing everything in work super early. So I thought I'd come home and get some jobs done. I'm backing up to my external hard drive and burning to DVD all of my photo files. It's needed doing for a while, and seeing as it's only got 3.5GB free of 160GB there's no wonder my laptop has been struggling lately!

My scarf is coming along nicely :) Very happy, there are some rough looking bits where I've introduced the new ball of wool (there are 4 in there now) but to be honest I'm not sure how to avoid that without spit splicing - and that isn't possible with a 51% wool, 49% acrylic mix! I believe it only works for 100% wool or similarly high percentages of wool.

It's now as tall/long as me! I read on Ravelry after I'd reached this that is the ideal length for scarves. It's all based on personal preference though, and I've decided it's a little short for doubling so I've added the last of the 4 balls in, but I haven't decided whether to use all of it yet. At the moment I'm thinking of adding a fringe or something on the end (not pom poms! Knitting websites that sell knitting utensils seem to be obsessed with pom poms, yeuch!).

I'm also thinking of doing some hand knitting, which would give me a good excuse to go back and buy the Sirdar Big Softie wool I made my scarf from in all the other colours I love!

My 'Beginners Knitting' workshop is on Friday and I'm looking forward to it. At the moment I'm focusing (read: worrying) more on how to get there, as I hate travelling somewhere new on my own. Thankfully the tube strike is on the weekend, and not the Friday so I can follow the easier set of travel instructions on the Twisted Thread website!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday afternoon!

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