Monday, 25 October 2010



On Friday this lovely package was delivered for me in work, it certainly cheered me up! (The pictures were taken at home, not in work - no twister bed covers in work unfortunately!)

(I'd already been impatient and opened it in work, and then wrapped it up and opened it again to take pictures of it :)

Ta dah! Isn't she gorgeous?!

I'm completely in love. The colours are gorgeous (although still having camera colour issues, it's even more beautiful in the flesh/yarn). 

It didn't take very long to wrap into a ball either - unlike the 1000m laceweight yarn I bought in the Knitting & Stitching show which took Mam and I three hours to do!

I'm chuffed, now I just an easy sock pattern for me to make my first pair of socks with!!

Don't forget you can get your hands on some of this if you visit Abstract Cat Crafts on Folksy. You just need to make an account and off you go! I highly recommend it :)



Laura said...

Fantastic! Thank you for this lovely post.

It was after a 3 hour laceweight winding session that I decided I couldn't stand it and bought a swift and ball winder. The first time I wound a perfect, neat yarn 'cake' on my winder I admired it for ages, photographed it and held it up to the light, like some precious object! Expensive initially, but so, so worth it.

Sara said...

I saw a swift on sale at the Knitting & Stitching show a few weeks back. One was on sale at £50. First time I'd seen one, although I had heard of them before. I'm not sure I could justify the expense at the moment, see how the obsession develops!

(I just went to google yarn cakes - came across some actual cakes decorated to look like big balls of yarn, yummy!)

Laura said...

I think my swift was £40 (Sunflower Swifts) and £25ish for the ball winder (Texere Yarns). Frustration saved: priceless!

Also, The Yarncake is a new yarn and cake shop opening in Glasgow's West End! Great for me? Or far too much temptation? Not sure yet... ;)

Sara said...

Ooh that's pretty cheap then! I've only been knitting for a few months so I should really wait and see.

I might be able to convince my grandfather to make me a swift if I ask nicely, he's rather handy with wood! Maybe not the ball winder though, that would have machinery in it.

I'm both glad and annoyed I don't live in Glasgow, I'd be a lot skinter!