Friday, 8 October 2010

The Knitting & Stitching Show - Haul!

These are my pictures of my Knitting & Stitching Show 2010 haul.

(Please excuse the messy bed, I was about to climb in for a nap :) )

General spread picture :)

This is the copy of Let's Knit and the contents of the goody bag it came in. Behind /under it is the copy of the book with 70+ designs.

The pile of leaflets and business cards that I picked up on my way around. If I liked a stall and wanted to keep the name for future reference, I picked it up! Fair few about ribbons and fabric, as well as knitting yarns and supplies.

The show guide. To be perfectly honest I could have done without it, as I already had a map from the workshop letter. I barely used it, but it does list the details of all the exhibitors and vendors so may be useful in the future.

I loved these mini buttons :) Not entirely sure what I want to do with them yet, but they are gorgeous. 

I picked up these stars first, then the buttons above. I absolutely love polka dots, and my favourite shape is a star. These are just me all over :) The minimum £10 for card purchases helped out a little...

This is my stash from the Beginners Knitting workshop. I chose to go for 4mm needles which meant that I had a choice of this black/grey tweed wool, the same in blue or a purple/burgundy colour. As my jacket is purple and I already have a blue scarf in the making, I decided to go for the grey/black. Might make something for my Dad someday. 

If you chose the 6mm needles then you got to choose between this rainbow coloured yarn or a light purple yarn. The rainbow yarn looks kinda natty, but is incredibly soft. I think it's a polyamid/merino blend. We were invited to take a second ball of yarn and I was the only one who chose the 4mm out of 5 people :) 

These are kits! The red polka dot (see the polka dot obsession?) makes up a cupcake which I plan on using for a pin cushion. The black polka dot kit makes up a waistcoat for a wine bottle. It made me giggle loads when I saw it, and I usually buy a bottle of wine of my Dads birthday, so I've decided to make this for him. (He'll never see this blog so it's safe to post!)

These stamps are so pretty, the heart one especially. I enjoy making cards (when I'm in the mood for it, I go through phases in everything). I'm pretty sure I've seen the butterfly stamp in a book, in a chapter that taught different stamping techniques. All the same, they were both reasonably cheap and pretty!

These are my skeins. The teal on the left is the most soft I've ever felt (and expensive at £13.99!) and the purple sock yarn on the right was close behind at £12.50. How have I gone from buying balls of Sirdar Big Softie at £2.45 a ball to these at £13.99 a skein!?

Individual shots. These have also gone on my Ravelry profile.

Now I just need to figure out a sock pattern, and what to do with the other!


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