Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Bank Holiday Weekends


Did you have a nice bank holiday? I spent mine in a field watching some of my favourite bands playing at the Reading Festival. My boyfriend and I stayed at my house instead of camping this year for a change, and it definitely made a difference. It made the whole experience seem shorter, and I did miss the camping camaraderie, but I definitely did NOT miss the mudbath from the three days of rain we had before the festival started! And being able to wake up each morning, eat properly and have a shower was blissful - and meant I had no hangovers.

On Monday I had a tiny bit of a 'spring clean'. My wellies and black boots were covered in mud, so I dumped them upstairs in the shower and let the hot water run for a few minutes while I got the broom out and swept the hallway downstairs. By the time I went back upstairs to the bathroom the steam had loosened the mud and made it a lot easier to scrub off.

I'd made a deal with my boyfriend that I would change the bed while he mopped the hallway (after I'd swept it), so while the burgers he was making were cooking, we blitzed them. Then it was time to put our feet up for an hour while we ate. We watched 100 Greatest Musicals. I've always been a musicals fan and thought I knew a fair amount, but we caught from number 43 onwards and I'd only seen about 8 of them! Must get more cultured!

After my boyfriend left I then dug out everything from under my bed, which took a while. My bed is on legs, so I have all my crafting bits and bobs under the bed. I also have lots of cardboard boxes for things that I need to keep boxes for - does anyone else keep boxes?! I never used to, but after working in customer services for three years I've learnt through other peoples mistakes, and right now I have the box for my tv, a mirror, my birthday present vanity table, an alarm clock, a necklace and earring display... I've kept them all as it will make it easier when moving back home and I haven't the heart to throw them, but in the mean time they gather dust under the bed.

I pulled them all out and dumped them on my bed, then pulled the rug from under my bed and swept it. Then I spent about 10 minutes sweeping underneath the bed as much as I could, which shamefully hasn't been done in over a year. I hate cleaning. By this time it was 9pm, so I then put everything back under the bed in a more organised way. I intend to pull my craft things out and organise them, as I have increased my storage space recently and it needs a good tidy.

Here's to a more organised end of the year! After all, tomorrow is September 1st, and the last quarter of the year!


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