Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Craft Haul


Not so much a haul as 4 items, but I went into The Range tonight on my way past. I've been wanting some waterbrush pens for ages now, so I thought I'd get one while I walked past (I normally make sure I cross the road before I get to the shop!)

So here's what I picked up tonight:

The bulbs for the light in my room are really hard to find so now I know they sell them there I'm going to have to buy some more! They need small screw ones, and normally I can only find the normal (large) screw bulbs. These two were £0.95.

They didn't sell single waterbrush brush/pens, so I picked up the value pack which was £2.99.

This was in a sale basket. It's missing the 5th (bottom) pot, so was reduced from £1.99 to £1.50. I have lots of brads etc which are sitting in a flat embellishment organiser at the moment. Each time I open it I'm paranoid of spilling it from using too much force, so putting the brads in here will save that as each pot unscrews from it's neighbour.

This block of 25g of Fimo Soft clay was also in the sales basket, reduced from £1 to 50p. The 56g packs sell for £1.59 so it was a pretty good deal. I've been reading and seeing people using Fimo clay in cardmaking, so it's been on my radar for a while. And 50p is not a waste of money if I try it and decide I don't like it!


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