Friday, 13 August 2010



So one thing you might notice about me is that I'm easily side-tracked. Last night I fully intended to get organised...

As it was I decided to make a calzone from scratch, and by the time I was done doing that and had eaten it was 10pm. I began watching the Matrix which I've never actually seen from the beginning and then decided it was too late to concentrate on fully. I went into my room and logged onto my laptop, specifically old Facebook and saw that my friends had all been watching shooting stars! You can see the BBC news link that inspired me here.

I got up and went upstairs (my room is downstairs) and asked the two of my house mates that were in if they wanted to go meteor hunting. They were both up for it (lucky considering it was 10.30pm) and we all got dressed and ready to go.

I took my film camera which has a bulb exposure but I knew without a tripod there was no point wasting film photographing stars. I did take some pictures of my house mates silhouette'd against the trees while walking down the river path lit up in street lights though. We'll have to see how they come out. It was quite scary walking so late at night in pitch black, but after a while we got to the nearest park and went and sat/lay down in the middle of it. There were a few others out also looking up at the sky. There were some clouds but they cleared up after 10 minutes and we could just see a huge expanse of the sky.

We got home at midnight and between us saw about 30-40 which is brilliant! I saw about 15-20, including some huge ones. They left massive 6-8 inch (my inches of the sky, not literally!) tails behind them. My house mate Mariam had never seen one before and kept missing them, so we were adamant we wouldn't leave until she'd seen one. Finally all 3 of us happened to be looking at the same spot when a huge one went from left to right over us. And all 3 of us saw it :)

It was actually a really nice thing to do. Very peaceful and relaxing (once we got there!) and it's good to have a new memory with my house mates.

Hope you get to see some too,


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