Thursday, 12 August 2010

New Storage :)


I finally dragged myself to Argos to buy a storage tower like I've been meaning to for the last month or so. At the moment my 'storage' is putting everything I don't have room for under the bed. Unfortunately Tom broke one of the bed slats last month so before I can tell the landlord about it, I need to clear it!

It wasn't too expensive. £19.99 for a 4 drawer storage tower and 4 'free' shoe boxes. Link is here. I'll never actually put shoes in them - they are essentially large tupperware boxes - but I'd already earmarked them as storage boxes for my craft supplies. At 33cm x 20xm they are more than big enough to store peel offs, which I have more than enough of, and my Gran's collection recently boosted. Now I have an evening of tidying, sorting and clearing ahead of me!

I've been eyeing up some label makers recently, does anyone have any recommendations? I thought of getting the electronic Dymo ones, but I prefer the look of the embossed manual ones which I've heard can be tricky to use if you aren't very strong.


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