Sunday, 22 August 2010

Upcoming London Craft Fairs


Some updates on upcoming craft fairs in the London(ish) area.

Twisted Thread's The Knitting and Stitiching Show 2010 is a huge event specialising in textiles. It's held in Alexander Palace on October 7th-10th.

The second fair I found out about (that I am going to) is the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show which is also held in Alexander Palace on September 25th and 26th.

I'm definitely looking forward to going to the Scrapbooking fair, as I'm interested in sewing etc but haven't done any yet. There's a dressmaking course that starts in October I was interested in, but it runs for 15 weeks and means having to rearrange a lot of shifts with others in work which makes it difficult.


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