Friday, 21 January 2011

Cute 'n' quirky swap!


Today is definitely good. Just got back from work to a parcel. Turns out it's from a swap I'm currently taking part in! The theme was kawaii critters, organised by inittoknitit94 in the Cute 'n' Quirky Ravelry group. Jordan has an awesome blog, which you can pop along to have a look at once you see what my gifts were! ;)

As there were only 3 of us from the UK taking part this time, we did a round robin style swap. So my partner was called babyjenny83, and she posted to me, while I post to Jordan who herself posted to babyjenny83! A nice little circle :)

Cute right?! There's a little card, a lip pallette, a penguin mirror, a magic towel and some cute blue nail varnish :D Thank you Jenny!

 This is definitely my favourite item of them all, it's adorable!

Haven't peeled off the peel off covers yet :)

The little flower inside the lip pallette kit is so cute and dainty :)

I had fun with this one :D

Unfurling in some warm water...

Love it! It reminds me of Curious George, which is such a good film. One of my favourites, after I watched it for the first time in uni I tracked down a Curious George poster online and it had pride of place on the wall above my desk :)

I'll be posting my pictures of what I sent once I know Jordan's received it - no giving the game away by accident!


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