Friday, 21 January 2011

Full of WIN!


Yes it is 7.45am, and I would not normally ever be seen at this hour when I'm on lates but last night I thought, well I've been normally getting up at 8.30 this week, so why not try an hour earlier and see if you can catch any Wollmeise. This stuff is like catching fairy dust - sells out in minutes, so I wasn't expecting to get anything.


Log on, see stuff on the in stock page. *happy dance*

A skein of the gorgeous sabrina (100% superwash merino) is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall mine!

*Stock image from Wollmeise.

It's a gorgeous colour! More of a turquoise/green teal than a blue teal I think. Time will tell! I'm hoping that seeing as it's from Germany I won't have to pay tax on it because it's from an EU country.

Happy :) Good morning!


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