Sunday, 14 April 2013

My first zip

So here's how NOT to do a zip. (Or hem linings)

I didn't think about the fact the zip didn't meet the top, for some reason I still had it in my head that the waistband would cover it. It really doesn't!!

Ah well. It gives me a chance to rip out my shoddy seaming attempt & try again. Having read a lot of blog tutorials I think I might even be able to conceal it!

The bottom of the zip is awful. I literally went down one side, across and then back up on the other side. I understand how to do them now though!

I made this pattern harder for myself as I wanted to line the skirt (which wasn't in the original pattern). I struggled with getting the lining in, but I was lying in bed last night and something just clicked in my head for how to do it more simply. So as soon as these exams are over (eg, Friday afternoon/Saturday morning), I want to be sat at my desk sewing in the zip again.

Then I'll just need some decent weather & the courage to break out my bare legs!

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