Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I'm loving view number 2: the skirt with pocket detail, plus the casual short sleeves of the top. Plus the models look so cheerful!

Picked this undated, complete New Look Maudella pattern up off eBay. Can't find it in the Vintage Patterns wikia, or anything online so I have no idea how old it is. A quick search found a post on Yes I Like That which says that Maudella turned into New Look, which is now owned by Simplicity. 


Helen Woodward said...

Hi Sara, thanks for popping by my little blog! Have you been watching the Sewing Bee? Thease skirt patterns are beautiful, love the big pockets :) Helen

Sara said...

Hi Helen,

Yes it's the Sewing Bee that's got me back into sewing again! Will be taking my sewing machine home with me while I'm on placement for my course! Big pockets are fab!