Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sewing Patterns

I had some 'new' sewing patterns arrive in the post this morning, courtesy of eBay.

After having read a lot of blogs this week, I've realised that one of the important considerations is the type of clothes I'll be making. I mainly wanted to make skirts & dresses as I'm a pear shape with smaller boobs & a bigger pair of hips (and a bit of a belly!) that I'm quite self-conscious of and it often puts me off buying clothes if that area doesn't fit nicely. However from browsing blogs I've realised that I'd also really like to have tops & blouses that fit me!

So I picked up these for £5 on ebay (including P&P) which I didn't think was too bad as they are cut but complete. I'm a mixture of sizes, 34 bust, 28.5 waist, 39 hips so I went up a size for something that would cover all. Hopefully taking them in around the bust area won't be too hard? I'm thinking I'd like to make views 1 & 3 from the 1968 Simplicity 7734 pattern and views 1, 2, 3 & 5 from the 1974 Style 4745 pattern. 

These are the sewing patterns I already own. I bought these last summer when I decided to start sewing properly (ha!). 

The top two are modern patterns, one from a magazine (Simplicity K2146) & the other an unenveloped apron pattern (Simplicity 1992) I picked up in the fabric shop down the road for £1.50. I've been thinking of sewing the apron as a birthday gift for a friend using some vintage repurposed fabric remnant I had off eBay.

The bottom ones are my vintage patterns.

I found the fabric for my skirt in a bargain bin and decided it would make a fab skirt. I then bought these two off eBay as I had no idea how to sew! I ended up using the undated Butterick 5644 pattern, which is currently languishing in the front room/office waiting for me to rip out & reinsert the zip. I'm still interested in view 3 from the Simplicity 6695 pattern (dated 1966).

This is the only dress pattern I have as of right now (have some bids in the pipe line). It's a McCall's 2597 pattern from 1970. I quite fancy view A but in a darker or patterned fabric.

I have some others lined up on eBay, so there may well be another post in the near future!

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