Saturday, 3 July 2010

A 'New' Toy!


I have a new toy I'm quite proud of. A while ago while at a friends house I spied a rather old 35mm film camera. My friend told me I could have it, as he didn't use it any more. He was the President of the Photographic Society I'm a member of. He's now graduated and moved back home but was in Reading last night and I picked up my toy.

I managed to find a website with a full manual on how to use it, so I've been reading that today while playing. I love taking pictures and then winding it on to the next frame. Spent a long time playing with that :) It's also really cool as once you take the lens off, and take a picture you can poke your finger straight through the camera! Which I've also spent a fair amount of time doing. My boyfriend thought I was a bit nuts for that but there's no way that it's possible to do it with a digital SLR and while I'd always vaguely known how SLRs work after doing it as part of a course I completed, I know definitely know and could quite happily explain it to anyone. Which I did, to my housemate :)

Anything that improves knowledge has to be a good thing, right?

Here he is!! My 'new' 1979 Canon AV-1 camera.

I'll hopefully be able to upload some of my film pictures when I buy a printer/scanner which is a pipeline dream. The Photosoc has it's own darkroom, so I'm going to have some lessons in how to use it so I can develop the film myself. I bought 3 rolls of film off the internet this morning, which are due to arrive on Tuesday.

I see an interesting summer ahead!!


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