Thursday, 8 July 2010

I'm Running, I'm Running!


I went to the gym last night! I have now done 5k. I don't hurt too badly this morning either which is a huge relief. I'm working late shift tonight so won't be walking back from work, and it's probably best to give my legs a breather today anyway.

Out of the 5k I managed to run 2.5k of it. I ran the first km then found I got out of breath quite quickly (most exercise I've done since being in school) so I walked 0.5km then ran 0.5k and carried on alternating.

I have never spent 41 minutes on a treadmill before, not entirely sure I want to do it again! Anyways, it's for a very good cause as all the money raised is going to Cancer Research UK and I'm hoping to apply for matched funding with work to double the total amount raised. If you can, please dig deep :)

Thank you,


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