Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sewing Cafes!


Just a quickie today as I should be packing right now. I'm heading home to help my Mam around the house today as her MS has relapsed and she's struggling right now, and then all of Sunday at my grandparents' house where we're clearing out my grandmothers craft room :( so that we can turn it into a downstairs bedroom for her.

When I was in work yesterday my friend pointed out an article in her magazine. I'm not 100% sure which one it was (she gets quite a few, especially now she's moving home and is looking for home decor inspiration). In it [paraphrasing here a little], it said this:

That sewing cafe's are gaining popularity, especially in America, where you can go and rent a sewing machine by the hour (like Internet cafe's but cooler) so that people without sewing machines etc can still craft!

That's an awesome idea and I'm half annoyed I didn't think of it first! The article went on to mention that it hasn't happened over here in the UK yet (there's my chance!!) but that it seems likely to, due to the popularity of craft workshops and groups such as:

The Make Lounge
The London Sewing and Craft Group
I knit.

Apart from The Make Lounge which I mentioned in a previous post, I never knew these places existed and I'm thankful that my friend showed me the article! She's seen me appear with different card magazines etc over the last year and a half I've been working there so she knows my interest in crafting!

I wanna go!!


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Anj said...

I think that is a rather brilliant idea... sewing cafes... love it.
Hey, I apologize for taking so long to respond to you. I let my blog go a bit this summer. I'm trying to just soak in my littles, before they return to school.
You asked me about the sticks I used for my long stemmed fabric flowers. I actually purchased a bundle of long sticks from a local decorating store and cut them down to the size I needed. However, I attempted something similar years ago and just used sticks from my yard. That yard had some overgrowth and so it was easy to find loads of sticks, but we have moved since then and my yard is too new to give me any good ones:( I would soooo suggest using sticks from the yard if you've got them! (Whoa... that was a long response;)) Hope that helps.
Enjoy your trip, and sending thoughts your way for your mom. My uncle had MS. He lived right next door to me growing up, which was a blessing, my father was near to help. She will appreciate having you.